How to Communicate Sustainability Effectively


Effective sustainability communication can deliver business value. Get it wrong, however, and the reputational damage will be costly. Stakeholders, and the general public as well as activists, are unforgiving of companies whose products, services, business practices or culture fall short of their socially responsible rhetoric.

 ‘The New Brand Spirit: How Communicating Sustainability Builds Brands, Reputations and Profits’ by Christian Conrad, Marjorie Ellis Thompson, (Gower), helps all those involved in marketing and communicating in an organization with how to do it the best way they can. The book is based on close to one hundred in-depth interviews with leading experts.

It provides first-hand view of eight distinct and relevant stakeholder perspectives. Nineteen comprehensive and well-researched best practice cases from sustainability leaders like IBM, Unilever, Marks & Spencer and Puma will inspire all those tasked with communicating sustainability with practical and applicable tools and lessons learned.

The stream of global communications is ever flowing. A current of social responsibility cuts through it, while an undertow of misunderstanding preys on our perceptions. The authors help pilot professionals through with clear thinking and inspiring case histories of successful corporate responsibility, says Tim Love, Vice Chairman Omnicom Group and CEO Omnicom Asia Pacific India Middle East Africa.

Christian Conrad is Managing Partner of Sustainability Consultancy brands & values, which he co-founded in 2004 and supports clients in developing sustainability strategies, implementing them into the business and communicating them to stakeholders.

Marjorie E. Thompson is managing director of C-3i, a communications consultancy she founded in 2002. She has previously worked for some of Britain’s most famous brands including Saatchi and Saatchi, the Commission for Racial Equality, The Royal College of Nursing and The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. With Hamish Pringle she is the author of Brand Spirit, a bestselling Amazon Business Book of the Year.

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