How to Grow Fresh Air: India’s top experts teach how to beat air pollution


Self help is best help, that’s what clean air evangelist Kamal Meattle has been advocating for many years. He has been demonstrating it in his office and other buildings where he has helped set up indoor gardens.

This book (with video support) is meant to take the message far and wide. It contains recommendations that are both practical and feasible to help generate our own clean air both at home and office.

But citizens should continue to apply pressure on the municipalities to do their maximum bit to improve the air quality. It’s no longer a technology problem. It is political and social. Left to the authorities, this acute problem will take ages to address. A massive civic activism is needed.

What’s more, the options Kamal suggests are highly affordable with minimal maintenance.

This is a good gift option during the festive season, apart from one owning a copy.

Watch video Here

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