In Pursuit of Zero-Waste Living, Practically

Srini & Shubhashree


Almost everyone today is aware that their consumption habits have a negative impact on the environment and are trying to do their bit in various degrees. Many would like to do more but are simply lazy or not motivated enough.

This book is a useful guide to those who have started the journey towards leading a zero-waste life. It helps readers to start with doing a waste audit. The authors are practical and less preachy. They recognize that the path to sustainable living is a journey and they are helping to make this journey short and fun at the same time.

This is the authors’ second book. The first one is ‘The Everyday Eco-Warrior. 110 Easy Tips for a Zero-waste Life.

This is a book worth gifting to anyone for faster spreading of greener ways of living. The faster more people adopt and adapt, the chances of rejuvenation of the planet is better. It wants people to believe that “mirco makes the macro possible”.

The authors have positioned this book as a guide to governments as well. They argue that bans have had the opposite effect by promoting an underground market. This happened in plastic and the governments are yet to learn from their mistakes. The point that genuine policy changes will come only when people hold authorities accountable is made well.

Unless the mechanism of holding authorities accountable is fixed, change in India will be very slow. There is no sign from the central, state and local governments that they are really serious. The courts have doing their bit but for India to transform into a responsible consumer nation, people have to push for change more vehemently and be the change themselves.

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