Paharpur Business Centre Gets Australian Rating For Clean Indoor Air


Melbourne based company CETEC Pty. Ltd., a technical risk management consultancy focusing on occupational
health and safety, environmental consulting awarded Paharpur Business Centre (PBC), a USGBC LEED (EB) Platinum Certified and BEE 5 Star rated, green office building, located New Delhi with the firstever certification under the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS).

NABERS is a performance-based rating system for existing buildings, which rated the Paharpur Business Centre based on its measured operational impact on the environment on several parameters including indoor air quality, ventilation and levels of pollutants.

The Paharpur Business Centre is India’s first retrofit building to earn top rating for its green space and its indoor air quality conforms to American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) World Health Organizations (WHO) standards.

The lighting levels, noise and comfort parameters were controlled by continuous recording and attention to data of the building’s operation. The outstanding feature of the NABERS rating was the exceptionally high ‘occupant-satisfaction score.’ High tenant satisfaction also indicates high occupant productivity which is vital for India’s recovery.

Mr. Kamal Meattle, CEO Paharpur Business Centre and Software Technology Incubator Park, said “Given that Delhi’s air is practically unfit for breathing, it is great that we have a third party verification of good air quality at PBC – for wellness and productivity of our occupants. People working in buildings need to keep well and it is a well-known fact that indoor air is 10 times more polluted than outside or ambient air. What does one do, when the ambient air is itself unacceptable?

PBC grows fresh air with the help of more than 1,200 air purifying plants that not only detoxify the indoor air but also enrich it with oxygen.

PBC was awarded by ET Now for Best Workplace, in February 2013. PBC has also received special commendation from CoreNet Global in April 2013, for Industry Excellence, Economic Development and Sustainable Leadership. PBC has also been recognized for energy management practices and was presented the 15th CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management in October 2014.

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