40 IoT-enabled Pick-up Trucks to Help Treat 100% of Hyderabad Waste


Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited (REEL), a leading provider of comprehensive environment management services, launched a fleet of 40 Internet-of-Things-enabled pick-up trucks to enable efficient solid waste management, in Hyderabad recently. The fleet will be in addition to the company’s existing 64 solid and/or liquid waste transportation vehicles.

The new fleet is meant to ensure that garbage disposal in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad will take place through covered vehicles, thereby eliminating public hazards and ensuring human dignity by reducing manual intervention. It also provides for segregation of waste at source, eliminating odour and leachate, reduction of carbon footprint, decentralising operations by reducing the turnaround time of tippers and other garbage collection vehicles.

With this, Hyderabad is set to become the only Indian city to treat 100% of its waste. The city has measures to improve waste collection with equal focus on solid and liquid waste.

Ramky Enviro spokesperson said the firm’s adoption of new technologies like GPS would help strengthen better waste management across the city.

REEL, a KKR-backed company, is one of Asia’s leading providers of comprehensive environment management services. REEL offers a whole gamut of environmental services and infrastructure solutions under various categories such as Waste Management – hazardous, municipal, and biomedical, MAR POL, construction waste & e-waste; Waste to Energy; Recycling – wastewater, paper, plastic, and integrated waste; Environmental Solutions such as remediation, ETPs and wastewater treatment; automated car park management and Facilities Management. It has a growing global footprint, including over 60 operating locations spread across India, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia Kuwait, Oman, and Tanzania. With over 25 years of operational history, REEL has a strong presence across the entire waste value chain and has been a long-standing partner in the environmental solutions space to its customers.


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