A ‘Resustain IDEA’ For SMEs


The Pune-based Treeni Sustainability Solutions has extended its ‘Resustain’ offering to mid-size and emerging firms. The offering handholds firms during their initial efforts in managing and reporting their sustainability performance

Sustainability is increasingly becoming an important focus for SMEs as many of them take their first steps towards monitoring and measuring Environmental, Social and Governmental (ESG) risks and performance. SMEs often face budget constraints, bandwidth issues and lack of subject matter expertise and look for outside support. Treeni enables companies to start focusing on sustainability as a core aspect of their business.

Ankush Patel, Co-Founder & CEO, Treeni Sustainability Solutions says, “Treeni was set up with a vision to reimagine sustainability and deliver effective, cost-optimal technologies to companies as they understand the importance and contribution of sustainability and CSR on their businesses.”


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