Changing the Food Game


By Lucas Simons, Greenleaf, February 2015

A key contribution to the debate on sustainable agriculture and food

Includes interviews with 40 world-leading experts

An innovative step-by-step process approach to solving complex problems that can be applied to any business

By 2100, the world’s population is estimated to grow to over 10 billion. Changing the Food Game shows how our unsustainable food production system cannot support this growth. In this prescient book, Lucas Simons argues that the biggest challenge for our generation can only be solved by effective market transformation to achieve sustainable agriculture and food production.

Lucas Simons explains clearly how we have created a production and trading system which is inherently unsustainable. But he also explores that we have reason to be hopeful – from a sustainability race in the cocoa industry to examples of market transformation taking place in palm oil, timber and sugarcane production. He also poses the question: where next? Rigorous and eye-opening, Changing the Food Game uncovers the real story of how our food makes it on to our plates and presents a game-changing solution to revolutionize the industry

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