CII Launches Match-Making Gateway for CSR


India’s premier industry body, CII, launched the CII-CSR platform recently. It has 132 NGOs, 16 corporates, 47 member projects to partner with, and 10 flagship projects listed on the Gateway. The Gateway is gaining momentum to become the No 1 Match Making Portal for all CSR Needs.

CII CSR Gateway platform will connect the industries and all the relevant stakeholders of CSR to get involved in the social development process through their CSR initiatives. 

The platform will serve the purpose of the following:

  • Bringing together individuals, NGOs, social enterprises, and corporates from different walks of life that have the common motive to develop, enhance the society as a whole.
  • Creating a well-connected CSR network
  • Working with NGOs, corporate foundations, business associations, corporate houses and assisting them with formulation of projects, community need assessment, research and documentation is made easier.
  • Dependable Third Party Assistance
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Expert support at all levels of any CSR initiative
  • Step by step support, analysis of project, ideation up till implementation
  • Access to the wide database available and connection with the right organization for the right cause
  • Helping to mobilize corporate funding for NGO’s
  • Capacity Building on a large scale
  • Keep increasing the resources on the gateway with regards to all stakeholders-nationally and internationally.
  • An active Discussion Forum with Experts who would give their opinions
  • Online courses, webinars and a plethora of activities, resources which will be related to CSR

The link to the platform is – for your perusal.

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