India Ranked 130 in Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index


India was ranked an embarrassingly low at 130 in SolAbility’s 2019 Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index, which ranks 180 countries according to their ability to sustain or increase wealth in a globalized and resource-constrained world.

The index measures competitiveness of countries in an integrated way based on 116 measurable, quantitative indicators derived from sources such as the World Bank, the IMF, and different UN agencies. These indicators are grouped into 5 sub-indexes: Natural Capital, Resource Efficiency & Intensity, Intellectual Capital, Governance Efficiency, and Social Cohesion.

It defines sustainable competitiveness as the ability to generate and sustain inclusive wealth and dignifying standard of life for all citizens. Sustainable competitiveness means the ability of a country to meet the needs and basic requirements of current generations while sustaining or growing the national and individual wealth into the future without depleting natural and social capital.

The index notes that sovereign bond ratings do not take into account the underlying sustainability factors; they only describe symptoms, not causes. “It is high time that credit ratings do take into account the basis of sustained wealth, because sovereign credit ratings do not fully reflect investor risks.”

Ranking of Prominent Nations (Scandinavian and Nordic countries topped the top 10)

Germany                   15

United Kingdom     17

Canada                      19

France                       20

Japan                         25

USA                            34

China                         37

Brazil                          49

Russia                        51

Regional Ranking

Burma                       62

Nepal                         64

Indonesia                  66

Thailand                    82

Sri Lanka                   111

India                           130

Bangladesh              132

Pakisthan                  145

SolAbility, a Swiss-Korean joint-venture, founded in 2005, is a sustainability intelligence think-tank. It designs and implements sustainability startegies, policies and management tools. It publishes the Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index once every two years.

Download full Ranking here

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