ISB Offers Programme on Building Sustainable Organisations


ISB Executive Education is starting a programme on ‘Building Sustainable Organisations’, in July 2023. The objective of this programme is to help executives gain a deeper understanding of sustainable value creation for their employers. 

The Programme covers lessons on best practices for implementing a sustainability strategy; identifying and explicating the challenges of managing multiple stakeholders in today’s economy. It helps identify metrics that can be used to evaluate sustainable strategies. The key to successful executives is how they can influence management and other key stakeholders on the competitive advantage of sustainable strategies. 

The programme aims to enable CSR executives, consultants, leaders, entrepreneurs, and purpose-driven professionals responsible for building “higher-order” brand attributes that create customer engagement and competitive advantage for the organisation. 

Such a programme is timely as Indian businesses face demanding challenges in meeting their net-zero and corporate sustainability goals. A study commissioned by The Climate Change (Conducted by Forrester) found that 24% of companies cited the complexity of the required transformation, 25% highlighted a lack of talent with expertise in implementing net-zero initiatives and 23% of companies specified limited resources to support net-zero initiatives. 31% of Indian companies cited a lack of learning resources and partners as a significant hurdle in achieving their sustainability goals. 

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