Knowledge Brokerage for Sustainable Development: Innovative Tools for Increasing Research Impact and Evidenced-Based Policy Making


By André Martinuzzi and Michal Sedlacko,Greenleaf Publishing, December 2016

“This book is a rich and valuable contribution to policy making in the context of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. It supports the scientific, administrative and policy-making communities in the formation of the key questions and answers, and in bringing these sectors together to co-operate in making sustainable development a reality and to co-evolve by mutual learning.” Jörg Mayer-Ries, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

The menace of a post-truth era challenges conventional policy-making and science. Instead of fighting an uphill battle against populist solutions, those involved in both policy-making and science have to find innovative ways to collaborate, and make use of the vast amounts of knowledge that are already available. Knowledge brokerage, in this context, is more than a simple question-and-answer game: it is a process of co-creating and re-framing knowledge. In addition, the book has to deal with trade-offs and ambiguities, as well as world-views, cultures and the preferences of stakeholder groups.

ANDRE MARTINUZZI is Head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability, Associate Professor at Vienna University of Economics and Business. MICHAL SEDLACKO is Research and Teaching Fellow at the University of Applied Science FH Campus Wien.

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