Ten Reasons Why Companies are not Jumping into the Sustainability Frey


Pamela Laughland and Tima Bansal, in their article in the Ivey Business Journal (January – February 2011) list ten reasons why Canadian companies are hesitant to adopt sustainability practices. They seem relevant to India as well.



  • There are too many metrics that claim to measure sustainability—and they’re too confusing
  • Government policies need to incent outcomes and be more clearly connected to sustainability
  • Consumers do not consistently factor sustainability into their purchase decisions
  • Companies do not know how best to motivate employees to undertake sustainability initiatives
  • Sustainability still does not fit neatly into the business case
  • Companies have difficulty discriminating between the most important opportunities and threats on the horizon
  • Organizations have trouble communicating their good deeds credibly, and avoid being perceived as green washing
  • Better guidelines are needed for engaging key stakeholders
  • There is no common set of rules for sourcing sustainably
  • Those companies that try leading the sustainability frontier often end up losing.

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