TISS, Pernod Richard to Train Transgenders to Become Managers

KOOVAGAM, INDIA - MAY 06: Group of transgenders attending the religious ceremony during festival of transgenders held at Koothandavar temple on May 06, 2015 in Koovagam,Tamil Nadu.

Pernod Ricard India Foundation recently announced its partnership with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), and the Collective Good Foundation (CGF) to launch India’s first Academic-Corporate Fellowship Program for the transgender community. This program will systemically enable trans persons from underserved communities across India to craft their career paths in the corporate world.

With inequitable access to education and skills, trans persons are often forced to take up menial roles in society and continue to face significant socio-economic and cultural barriers in their journey towards financial independence. In addition, with barriers like the high bar on minimum education and experience, along with the lack of gender-neutral policies, systems and infrastructures, and low social acceptance, only a few trans persons ever make it to the executive and managerial positions in their corporate careers.

This fellowship program provides adequate training and exposure to transform them to take on managerial and higher positions in the corporate ladder. Trans persons between the age group of 18-25 years can apply for the program as there is no higher education bar for the applicants. They will be shortlisted through an online process followed by a round of group discussions and personal interviews. The first batch of 20 fellows starts on 1st July, 2022. Applications for the one-year Fellowship closed on 30th April 2022.  

The one-year fellowship program is divided into two distinct phases. The first phase seeks to build theoretical acumen in business subjects and workplace skills through 6 months of immersive classroom training and project work led by the faculty and mentors at TISS. It will be followed by 6-months of hands-on workplace immersion through internships at leading corporates and non-profits to provide multi-faceted exposure and experiential learning.

A press note stated that each fellow will be offered a total stipend of INR 2,40,000 along with INR 96,000 for travel and stay during the year. Through both phases, fellows will be provided with constant emotional and psycho-social support in addition to career guidance from experienced LGBTQIA+ professionals, leaders from corporates, industry and non-profits. 

Upon successful graduation, the fellows will be awarded with the completion certificates from TISS. This will provide them with strong credentials that will enable corporate inclusion. Further, the fellows will also be assisted in charting out their future goals, and the program will attempt to facilitate corporate placements for interested fellows in partnership with Pride Circle.

Pernod Ricard India Foundation (PRIF) has so far touched ~13,00,000 lives near 24 plants in more than 19 states by focusing on water resource management, education, livelihood generation, healthcare, and empowering social change makers.

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), a Multi-Campus Network University offers teaching, research, and outreach programmes from four campuses: Mumbai (Main and Naoroji); Tuljapur; Guwahati; and Hyderabad. TISS is a unique institution that brings together high-quality scholars and practitioners from Social, Economic, Political, Physical, Habitat, Engineering, Health, and Environmental Sciences to co-create teaching and research programmes to address the most critical current and emerging issues of the nation.

For more details, please visit: https://transformationfellowship.in/

FAQs: https://transformationfellowship.in/faqs/


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