Vedanta Aluminium Moves to Second Spot in DJSI

2 vedanta

Vedanta Aluminium became the second most sustainable aluminium producer in the world after it moved to the second spot from fourth in the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) world rankings for this sector for 2021-2022.

A press note stated that the company scored high on most aspects of Environment, Social and Governance criteria, including Cybersecurity, Environment Reporting, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Labor Practice Indicators, Human Capital Development, Talent Attraction & Retention, Customer Relationship Management, and Social Impact on Communities.

Rahul Sharma, CEO, Vedanta Limited said the new ranking reflected his company’s commitment to structurally integrate the principles of sustainability throughout its value chain – from sourcing to product delivery. He noted that his sustainable development agenda included a laser focus on decarbonisation of operations, increasing quantum of renewables in the energy mix, judicious use of natural resources like water, wellbeing of employees and partners.

The company recently published its Sustainability Report and maiden report on climate change (aligned to the Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures framework) for FY 2021-22. It is India’s largest aluminium producer, with operations in the states of Odisha and Chhattisgarh.

Aluminium is called a green metal as recycling it saves 95% of the energy required for producing the metal. With net zero commitments by almost everyone, aluminium is poised for significant demand.

It is called a green metal also because of its properties like high strength-to-weight ratio, high corrosion resistance, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, among others. It can be recycled 100%. With solar power emerging big, this metal will play a key role in the green transition of world economies.

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