Address Current Needs Not Future Threats


Paul Hawken is known to offer radically different, yet seemingly simple solutions to the climate crisis. In his second book Regeneration, Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation, a follow-up sequel to Drawdown, was published September 2021 by Penguin Randomhouse.

The dangers of climate change and a warming world have been in the public eye for fifty years. For three decades, scientists have urged us to address future existential threats. But Paul Hawken has flipped this narrative. He is working on bringing people back into the conversation by demonstrating that addressing current human needs rather than future threats is the only path to solving the climate crisis.

From land to ocean, food to industries – Regeneration proposes an extensive menu of actions that collectively can reverse the overheating and degradation of our planet. The solutions, techniques, and practices range from solar power, electric vehicles, and tree planting to bioregions, azolla fern and forest farms; they are all doable, science-based, and comprise a precise and unequivocal course of action. The book is a call to action by individuals, communities, and governments.

He shows how industries are extractors rather than regenerators. The book argues how we can all do our bit to take the agency away from the corporations who are benefiting at great cost to the rest of us and the planet.

In Drawdown, Hawken offered 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming based on meticulous research by leading scientists and policy makers around the world. This book urges people not to be driven by fear but believe in realistic solutions that are already available.


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