Centre for Policy Research Suggests New Commission for Climate Governance


The New Delhi-based Centre for Policy Research has urged the Government of India to go beyond energy and emissions policies to also look at deeper economic structures such as patterns of urbanization, industrialization, and job creation to improve climate governance. To achieve this it has proposed setting up of a new, independent, non-executive, multi-stakeholder Low-Carbon Development Commission backed by law, to bring both analytical credibility and mechanisms to ensure policy relevance.

In its June 2021 report titled ‘Building a Climate-Ready Indian State: Institutions and Governance for Transformative Low-Carbon Development’ by NAVROZ K DUBASHPARTH BHATIA, and ADITYA VALIATHAN PILLAI (from left to right) the centre has laid out a new approach to Indian climate governance. The authors suggest India’s institutional structure should be aimed at generating and adopting low-carbon development pathways.

CPR India

The authors further propose that the new Commission interface with an enhanced set of bodies within the executive branch, interacting through a set of annual reporting requirements and incentives for climate action. “By laying out a set of principles, institutions, and mechanisms for interaction, we suggest a path to analytical credible and policy relevant Indian climate governance.”


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