HCL Grant Compendium


Even if an NGO does not get selected to the HCL Grant, there’s immense benefit in simply getting into the evaluated list. This helps many grantees to locate an NGO they might wat to fund.

Over the last five years 16,000 NGOs have registered for HCL Grant and over 4000 have undergone the evaluation process. This massive exercise has led to the creation and launch of the HCL Grant Compendium, a comprehensive directory of NGOs doing seminal work. This repository is now helping other organizations identify the right NGOs that they may wish to support.

In 2016, the first HCL Grant of ₹5 Cr was awarded to one NGO in the field of Education. Since then, HCL Grant has increased its scope to identify and support three NGOs working in the areas of Education, Healthcare and Environment and award them a grant of ₹5 Cr each. HCL Grant has already committed ₹51.5 Crore towards high impact rural development projects. Today, the HCL Grant supported projects aim to cover over a million people spread across 7,500 villages in 13 States and one Union Territory in the country. 

In 2019 HCL Grant received over 5000 registrations across the three categories, representing all states of India. HCL Grant was launched by HCL Foundation as part of its CSR initiative in 2016, with the aim of supporting NGOs engaged in doing path-breaking work towards transforming rural India. A note said “HCL Grant aims to help the social development ecosystem in the country, by formulating processes, creating strong governance frameworks and institutionalizing the not-for-profit sector.”

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