Yunus Fears AI Will Make Humans a Community of Beggars


Professor Muhammad Yunus’ Quotes at 8th Social Day held in Bengaluru in June 2018.

Wealth Concentration Threat to Human Race

Wealth concentration could lead to eradication of the human race.

8 people own more than 50% of the bottom half.

Faster economic growth now means more concentration of wealth.

Greed will eat up the planet environmentally.

Artificial Intelligence Threat to Human Race

Technology will expedite human extinction disgracefully

Artificial Intelligence proponents want the State can give basic income to all citizens (to negate the impact of automation). This will take away pride of humans in their work.

AI might create a community of beggars.

AI is becoming smarter every day. It could become smarter than human beings – humans will become second class turning blessing into curse.

We need to draw a line about to what extent we take these technologies. If we don’t then they cannot be controlled. Now, the question is who is going to control these technologies. Let to itself, this civilization is out to destroy itself.

Social Business Only Solution

We need to build a new civilization. We need to reinvent our world. This world will be known for empathy, fellow feeling and friendships. We are capable of doing it. Social business model can help achieve this.

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