Amara Raja for Global Battery Alliance


At the 2020 Davos meet in January, The Global Battery Alliance outlined 10 guiding principles for a sustainable battery value chain.

A World Economic Forum release noted that 42 organizations including businesses from automotive, mining, chemicals and energy with a combined revenue of approximately a trillion dollars agreed on these principles. The is expected to foster the creation of a sustainable battery value chain by 2030.

It is hoped that the alignment among key players in the battery market establishes the basis for a transparent accountability system. That it could guide the development of a global digital battery information disclosure system referred to as the “Battery Passport”, which is designed to enable a transparent value chain, for example, with respect to human rights and the environmental footprint.

Amara Raja

Vijayanand Kumar Samudrala, Chief Executive Officer, Amara Raja Batteries, one of the signatories, said: “Amara Raja is delighted to be part of the Global Battery Alliance efforts to drive the transition and endorses the ‘Principles and Commitments to Realize the 2030 Vision’. The principles and commitments as articulated by the GBA provide a framework for implementation of a scalable and sustainable approach for faster adoption of smart energy solutions for a greener future.” 

Amara Raja recently said it is looking at expanding its product portfolio, including applications in solar and defence, to reach the top slot in battery industry in both industrial and automotive sectors. The group’s flagship company Amara Raja Batteries currently enjoys 50% market share in telecom battery segment, 30% market share each in UPS and automotive battery segments.

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