Godrej Properties Launches Fully Water Positive Homes

Godrej Aqua Bangalore

Godrej Properties’ has taken its green strategy to another level. It recently launched Bengaluru’s first fully sustainable water management system at its property Godrej Aqua. Its Quad-Step Treatment Process (QSTP) will be able to provide pure drinking water at all times and recycle most of the water on site.

Using the Recharge, Reduce and Recycle principle, the project aims to ensure that water sufficiency in every home is a reality. To address concerns regarding water quality in residential projects, Godrej Aqua has introduced an Advanced Treatment Plant, centralized RO and water softening facility to ensure better water quality.

The company says every drop used in Godrej Aqua is recycled with a rigorous three-step purification process. This process first begins with the Grey Water Treatment Plant. It then goes to the Swale where the water is purified naturally by plants within a giant trough specially designed to treat waste water.

After this, the water is sent to the Advanced Treatment Plant where it goes through Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Filtration (UF), and UV filtration processes. And finally, the water is clean enough to be pumped back into the home.

It will install water meters with the belief that water conservation begins with only necessary consumption. It will install water-saving fixtures like dual flush toilets that help reduce the flow rate by 3 to 6 litres per flush. Water nozzles help reduce the overall water flow by about 50%.

The water that is leftover after the entire process of recycling goes into recharging and reactivating borewells. Waste water from homes is used for gardening during non-rainy seasons.

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