Google Products to be Carbon Neutral From 2020


On 5 August 2019, Google’s Head of Sustainability, consumer hardware, announced that by 2020, 100 percent of all shipments going to or from customers will be carbon neutral. It also announced that starting in 2022, 100 percent of Made by Google products will include recycled materials with a drive to maximize recycled content wherever possible.

Anna Meegan wrote: “My job is to integrate sustainability into our products, operations and communities—making it not just an aspect of how we do business, but the centerpiece of it. It’s an ongoing endeavor that involves designing in sustainability from the start and embedding it into the entire product development process and across our operations, all while creating the products our customers want. This is how we will achieve our ambition to leave people, the planet, and our communities better than we found them.” 

She further added that: “We’ve also launched our Power Project, which will bring one million energy- and money-saving Nest thermostats to families in need by 2023, and built much of our Nest product portfolio with post-consumer recycled plastic.”  

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