ClassRoom by RK Gautham

  • Green Leasing – a Win Win for Tenant & Landlord

    Owners and occupiers of commercial properties are increasingly accepting the fact that the environmental performance of the buildings they own and occupy is not to be disputed or ignored anymore. But when it comes to sustainability initiatives such as energy ... // Read More

CitySolutions by Hariharan Chandrashekar

  • How Citizens Can Fund Their Way Out of Miseries Easily Today

    Hariharan Chandrashekar, pioneer of the green homes movement in Bengaluru and a co-founder of Responsible Cities Foundation [RCF), offers viable solutions for city’s energy, water and waste challenges. If citizens take on some responsibility collectively in the apartment complexes, the ... // Read More

BookReview by Benedict Paramanand

‘Sell – The Art, the Science, Witchcraft’ Subroto Bagchi
“People who sell well are a joy. They sell without needing to sell.” A few weeks before I got to see ‘Sell – The Art, the Science, Witchcraft’ by Subroto Bagchi, I had seen Zig Ziglar’s famous quote “Stop selling. ... // Read More


  • UN Launches Pollution-Free Planet Report

    Outlining the many ways in which the world can move to a healthier, more sustainable way of living, UN Environment recently launched “Towards a pollution-free planet”, a report that serves as a call to action to governments, businesses, local authorities, ... // Read More

  • Rabobank, UN Start Climate Smart Agriculture with Billion Dollar Facility

    Rabobank and UN Environment have joined forces to finance sustainable agriculture with a new billion-dollar facility. The facility aims to finance sustainable land use and help achieve the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. The facility aims to provide ... // Read More

  • M&M on Energy Efficiency Drive

    India has made ambitious commitments in the Paris Climate Accord and organizations such as Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M Ltd.) and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) are putting their best foot forward to ensure that the goals are met. EESL and M&M Ltd., ... // Read More

  • Samsung, Huawei and Amazon failing Greenpeace’s ‘Green’ Electronics Guide

    Fairphone and Apple are ahead of brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Amazon, which are failing to take responsibility for their environmental footprint, according to Greenpeace USA’s latest Guide to Greener Electronics. Greenpeace USA scored 17 of the world’s leading ... // Read More

  • Energy Saving Certificates Takes Off Well

    The Indian industry has generated Rs. 11.62 crore of additional revenue during the first month of trading energy saving certificates. Energy Saving Certificates, or ESCerts, are issued by Ministry of Power to designated industries that surpass the energy saving targets ... // Read More

Latest books on Sustainability, Ecology, Climate Change, Energy, Policy …

  • Black Coffee in a Coconut Shell

    Caste, as it is experienced in everyday life, is the pièce de résistance of this book. Thirty-two voices narrate how from childhood to adulthood, caste intruded upon their lives—food, clothes, games, gait, love, marriage and every aspect of one’s existence ... // Read More

  • The Life of Y

    This book will advise you on how to handle the challenges constant connectedness poses to our Currently, we have about 2 billion millennials in the world, aged between 17 and 37 years, who are fast becoming the world’s most important ... // Read More

  • Connected or Disconnected

    Democratization, strengthened personal relationships, and all the knowledge in the world available at your fingertips, more or less for free. And all this regardless of whether you are in India, China, Chile, or Chad. Indeed, the connected world has changed ... // Read More

  • Adult Health and Human Capital

    Today when the world is looking towards India as a human resource capital, the quality of such resource becomes a global concern. This book studies the relation between aberrant growth, adult diseases, and human capital, and recommends growth monitoring as ... // Read More

  • Ecology, Culture and Human Development

    The key to the upliftment of the Adivasi community is a deep understanding of their culture, psychological resources and cognitive strengths. Ecology, Culture and Human Development: Lessons for Adivasi Education presents a comparative analysis of the cultural and cognitive dimensions ... // Read More



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