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  • India Will Have Highest Number of Green-Rated Buildings by 2022

    Three green ratings options, volunteerism by industry leaders and apparent savings are resulting in very rapid growth in green-rated buildings in India. Hariharan Chandrashekar, Co-Chairman, CII-IGBC Bangalore, Chairperson of the National Green Building Congress, and Chairman of BCIL, India’s pioneering ... // Read More

  • Monetize Your Data Big Time

    After the age of democratization of knowledge and information, the next big trend is democratization of data. Small firms and the so far unbankable people can now hope to use their data to raise loans. Excerpts from Nandan Nilekani’s talk ... // Read More

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  • Organic Farming in Raheja Campuses

    Long hours, tight deadlines, and ever-increasing client demands lead to constant stress at work and take a toll on an employee’s performance and productivity, in turn, impacting their physical and emotional health. There are umpteen ways to de-stress and bolster ... // Read More


  • New Technologies that Make a Building Green

    I am reminded of the words of Al Gore, “As more and more people understand what’s at stake, they become a part of the solution and share both in challenges and opportunities presented by the climate crisis.” At the time when the ... // Read More

Book Review

  • Zero is a Nice Number

    By Benedict Paramanand Of the many crusaders for a new world order in the last hundred years Muhammad Yunus seems to be one of the most persuasive. His idea of a new world order appears compelling and utopian at the ... // Read More


  • Urban Observatory in Karnataka to Help Policy Making Using Data

    Karnataka is exploring the idea of having an Urban Observatory to equip urban management and development through tools for data collection, analysis, presentation, visualisation and application. The objective is to effectively generate suitable policy response to local and state level ... // Read More

  • Eleven Banks Pledge to Promote Climate Transparency

    A group of 11 global banks representing over $7 trillion, including ANZ, Barclays, Bradesco, Citi, Itaú, National Australia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Santander, Standard Chartered, TD Bank Group and UBS have joined a UN Environment-led initiative to improve their ... // Read More

  • IKEA Foundation Announces €900,000 Design Award

    IKEA Foundation has announced a unique design competition that aims to help families cope with the effects of climate change. The competition is supported by IKEA Foundation and Autodesk Foundation and is run by What Design Can Do <> (WDCD). ... // Read More

  • IMFA Received ET CSR Award

    The Indian Metal Ferro Alloys Ltd (IMFA) has won the “Economics Times-KPMG – 2 GOOD 4-GOOD” Corporate Social Responsibility Distinction in Corporate Governance. The Economic Times, along with KPMG in India as a knowledge partner has created “The ET 2 ... // Read More

  • World Wildlife Fund Grant for Pre-consumer Food Waste Research

    The World Wildlife Fund has launched a research initiative that aims to identify and address the sources of pre-consumer food waste. The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and the Wal-Mart Foundation are supporting the research initiative through a $1.3 ... // Read More



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