• India All Set to Surpass Its NDC Commitments?

    India’s aggressive energy policies and decisive action in the last two years are likely to result in the country surpassing its Paris Agreement NDC commitment ahead of schedule. Can it now set a more ambitious target for itself? The continuing ... // Read More

  • Electric Cars: India’s Birth Pangs

    This is an abstract from a presentation Ashwin Mahesh, Director, Lithium Urban Technologies, made at the EcoHour webinar of the Responsible Cities Foundation. For a fuller understanding visit India has the challenge of having to turn all cars and two-wheelers into ... // Read More

  • Yoga Can Help Fight Climate Change

    We were invited to the World Climate Change Conference in Bonn Germany COP23 recently where we taught yoga to delegates of 196 countries in the Indian pavilion. It was quite a success. I told them how Yoga is not about ... // Read More

  • Miniya Launches Sustainability Incubator

    After three years as Chief Sustainability Officer at the $3.4 billion Jindal Steel & Power Miniya Chatterji has launched Sustain Labs, a ‘sustainability incubator’ based in Paris and New Delhi. She is bringing to play her 14 years of experience ... // Read More

Fighting Smog

Tribal Entrepreneurship Summit

  • Women-run Electric Autos in Dantewada

    In the supposedly backward district of India, one of the most modern trends is taking place. Members of a women self-help group run 86 electric auto rickshaws in Dantewada, in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh. More than 400 more autos ... // Read More

  • Dantewada is India’s Organic Rice Capital

    It was indeed courageous of the Chhattisgarh government to hold the ‘Tribal Entrepreneurship Summit in Dantewada on 14 November 2017. Security was in full strength even as its local MP and heads of police painstakingly tried to persuade prospective investors ... // Read More

GlobeScan 2017 Radar Survey

  • 28% Consumers Punish Companies for Bad Behavior

    Recently BBMG, New York-based brand consulting firm and a founding member of B Corp, asked 16,000 people globally — across 16 countries, in many languages, in rural and urban areas — about their aspirations for their lives, families and communities. ... // Read More

BookReview by Benedict Paramanand

‘Sell – The Art, the Science, Witchcraft’ Subroto Bagchi
“People who sell well are a joy. They sell without needing to sell.” A few weeks before I got to see ‘Sell – The Art, the Science, Witchcraft’ by Subroto Bagchi, I had seen Zig Ziglar’s famous quote “Stop selling. ... // Read More


  • UN Launches Pollution-Free Planet Report

    Outlining the many ways in which the world can move to a healthier, more sustainable way of living, UN Environment recently launched “Towards a pollution-free planet”, a report that serves as a call to action to governments, businesses, local authorities, ... // Read More

  • Rabobank, UN Start Climate Smart Agriculture with Billion Dollar Facility

    Rabobank and UN Environment have joined forces to finance sustainable agriculture with a new billion-dollar facility. The facility aims to finance sustainable land use and help achieve the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals. The facility aims to provide ... // Read More

  • M&M on Energy Efficiency Drive

    India has made ambitious commitments in the Paris Climate Accord and organizations such as Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M Ltd.) and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) are putting their best foot forward to ensure that the goals are met. EESL and M&M Ltd., ... // Read More

  • Samsung, Huawei and Amazon failing Greenpeace’s ‘Green’ Electronics Guide

    Fairphone and Apple are ahead of brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Amazon, which are failing to take responsibility for their environmental footprint, according to Greenpeace USA’s latest Guide to Greener Electronics. Greenpeace USA scored 17 of the world’s leading ... // Read More

  • Energy Saving Certificates Takes Off Well

    The Indian industry has generated Rs. 11.62 crore of additional revenue during the first month of trading energy saving certificates. Energy Saving Certificates, or ESCerts, are issued by Ministry of Power to designated industries that surpass the energy saving targets ... // Read More

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