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  • Jobs Tsunami Will Hit India Soon

    Lalitesh Katragadda, Google Map Maker, Co-founder Google India, social entrepreneur, adviser to the AP government, perhaps has one of the intimate insights on the impact of automation, artificial intelligence, big data, and other technologies on India. He spoke at the ... // Read More

  • 90% of Public Pension Savings Exposed to Global Warming Risk `

    The Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) revealed on October 23, 2018 that only 13% of savings collectively managed by the world’s 100 largest public pension funds have undergone formal assessment for exposure to climate-related risks, leaving $9.8 trillion (£7.5 trillion) unprotected ... // Read More

  • 275 Brands Sign Up to Fight Plastic Pollution

    On October 28, 2018, more than 275 brands, retailers, recyclers, governments and NGOs announced a shared vision to close the loop on plastic pollution. Among the major brands and retailers signing the commitment are Burberry Group, Carrefour, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, ... // Read More

  • Winners of Social Enterprises Idea Challenge 2018

    Students of M.I.T. Group of Institutes, Ujjain emerge winners of Azim Premji University’s National level Social Enterprise Idea challenge for students held recently. In over 200 submissions from across colleges in India, 14 finalists presented their ideas to tackle specific ... // Read More

  • IIMB NSRCEL is Academic Partner to Goldman Sachs’ : 10,000 Women Entrepreneur Project

    The NSRCEL at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) announced on October 24, 2018 that it has signed up to become Goldman Sachs’s academic partner for its 10,000 Women in India project. 10,000 Women is a global initiative that ... // Read More

  • Water ATMs in Delhi a Big Hit

    It’s been four years since the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) started its pilot water ATM project in West Delhi’s Savda Ghevra, where users can withdraw water through these water ATMs using a smart Sarvajal card at 30 paise per litre. ... // Read More


  • How to Grow Fresh Air: India’s top experts teach how to beat air pollution

    Self help is best help, that’s what clean air evangelist Kamal Meattle has been advocating for many years. He has been demonstrating it in his office and other buildings where he has helped set up indoor gardens. This book (with ... // Read More

  • The Great Smog of India

    Air pollution kills over a million Indians every year, albeit silently. Families are thrown into a spiraling cycle of hospital visits, critically poor health and financial trouble impacting their productivity and ability to participate in the economy. Children born in ... // Read More

  • This Book is not Rubbish

    OUR PLANET IS IN PERIL AND IT NEEDS YOUR HELP! But the good news is that there are loads of easy ways that you can make a difference! From throwing a planet party and ditching straws, to banning glitter and ... // Read More

  • Total Transition: The Human Side of the Renewable Energy Revolution

    Follow the journey of a Canadian and Indian couple, Savannah and Sandeep, as they travel the world to capture the human side of one of the biggest energy transitions of our times – the global shift from fossil fuels to ... // Read More

BookReview by Benedict Paramanand

It’s a Story of Ants Fighting the Elephant – The RTI Story: Power to the People
n his foreword to the book Gopalkrishna Gandhi writes: “On the dust-laden street of revived spirits, gutsy agitations, arduous marches – for a new championing of rightful claims of rightful rights, this book takes its place, says what it says and does what it does. It gives us the story of how a lifeline came to be thrown to its claustrophobic polity, its suffocating republicanism and its malnutritioned democracy.“Read More


Saving Social Work from Itself : The Future of Social Work: Seven Pillars of Practice
When the idea of ‘future of work’ has become the centre of virulent debate these days, the idea of ‘social work’ cannot escape the chatter. That’s what Prof. Brij Mohan has done in his new book. The book has received much acclaim for its boldness and erudition.Read More

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  • Budweiser Maker Sets up Accelerator for 100 Green Start-ups

    Anheuser-Busch InBev is the world’s largest brewer and one of the leading beer companies in India has announced an ambitious accelerator program for start-ups who are solving global environmental and ecological issues. AB InBev commenced its operations in India in ... // Read More

  • Zero Budget Natural Farming Needs Policy Push

    Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) is a farming technique with zero chemicals. The produce and quality is much better. This technique is spreading at good pace. Spearheaded by Subhash Palekar, this is one of India’s largest voluntary farmer movements in ... // Read More

  • Happy Seeder Machines Can End Crop Stubble Burning

    Grameen Yuvti Vikash Mandal (GYVM) a Haryana based NGO, Ecociate Consultants and Communique Marketing Solutions are working with farmers in Pundri Block of Kaithal, Haryana to bring changes in practice of crop stubble burning. An effort has been made last ... // Read More

  • Dell Uses Ink Made From Diesel Soot

    Every innovative product needs a big business to believe in. That’s what Dell did when its manufacturing unit at Chennai started using the diesel ink, made from soot collected from diesel generators, for packaging and printing. Delhi-based Chakr Innovation, founded ... // Read More

  • Ricky Kej Releases My Earth Songs for Kids

    Ricky Kej, Grammy Award winner, is on a relentless musical adventure across the world trying to bring environmental consciousness so that the world could transform into a better, greener place for all. His latest venture is called My Earth Songs. ... // Read More

  • WABAG Restores TN’s Traditional Irrigation Methods

    Despite massive progress in water management systems, there’s still huge merit in India’s traditional irrigation methods. WAGAG, a global leader, has completed over 900 water and wastewater plants worldwide. It has made a sustained contribution to an improvement in the ... // Read More

  • Dharna Still Effective Form of Protest : Despite Social Media Onslaught

    Aruna Roy, the architect of the Right to Information Act (RTI), said mass public protest and dharna will continue to remain important for survival of democracy in India despite the growing influence of social media. She believes, social media can, ... // Read More

  • Fr. Claude D’Souza (1931 – 2018) – Poor Man’s Jesuit

    Ignatius Loyola often ended his letters to Jesuits going to the missions with the expression ite, inflammate omnia—“Go, set the world on fire.” What did he mean by that? Jim Manney, the author of A Simple, Life-changing Prayer, and a well-known ... // Read More

  • Deepak Pareek Promises to Solve Farmers’ Woes with AI, ML

    India finally has a start-up that can boast of having found a near holistic solution to farmers’ woes. It has the vision and the technology to change the sordid story of Indian farmers to a happier one. No wonder the ... // Read More

  • Danone, Mars, Nestlé, Unilever launch Sustainable Food Policy Alliance

    In an effort to advocate better public policies that shape what people eat and how it impacts their health, communities and the planet, Danone, Mars, Nestlé, and Unilever launched Sustainable Food Policy Alliance early July 2018.  They intend to focus ... // Read More

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