• Happy Nuts Taste Better

    How a UK and a Swiss firm quietly built flourishing global scale organic foods business by finely blending capitalism, socialism and sustainability in Kerala. Balz Strasser ended his presentation at YourStory’s TechSparks 2017, in Bengaluru, with a three-minute video with ... // Read More

  • SN’s 12-Point Wish List for 2018

    Oil price crossed $60 dollar a barrel on 1 January 2018 and is on an upward swing. This is an opportunity for the government to cut subsidies on diesel and kerosene further. This will reduce pollution in cities and towns ... // Read More

  • L‘Oreal is Newsweek’s Global # 1 Green Company

    Newsweek’s annual ranking is an environmental performance assessment of the world’s largest publicly traded companies based on revenues and market capitalization as of 31 December 2016. The ranking takes into account the following scores – Energy Productivity, Water Productivity, Carbon ... // Read More

  • Smart Grid Storage – The Redox Flow Battery Systems Option

    Prof. Mahabala Adiga, Affiliate, University of Toledo, Sunnyfuels LLC, UT Campus, Toldeo, Ohio, USA, discusses affordable and efficient storage options for smart grids The energy loss in power grid ranges from 10 – 30 % due to incomplete utilization of ... // Read More

  • Carbon Law is For All

    Gordon Moore’s law of computing survived for 50 years and its new avatar is touted to be the Carbon Law – halving of carbon emissions every decade so that by 2050 the earth would have net zero emissions. This could ... // Read More

Photo essay of Green Homes & Spaces

Fighting Smog

BookReview by Benedict Paramanand

First Innovate in Workplace Design Breakthrough Products Will Follow
Where should innovation begin in organizations – first at workplace and people or with new products? Author Carol Sanford tries to answer this billion dollar question in her new book The Regenerative Business – Redesign Work, Cultivate Human Potential, Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes, published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2017. Read More


  • Accenture Says AI Could Add $957 Billion to Indian Economy

    Accenture has said that artificial intelligence (AI) could add US$957 billion to the Indian economy by changing the nature of work to create better outcomes for businesses and society. The report, ‘Rewire for Growth,’ estimates that AI has the potential ... // Read More

  • HDFC ERGO Offers Solar Energy Shortfall Insurance

    HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company has designed a solar energy shortfall insurance policy to insure bidders against the likely loss of business if the generation doesn’t meet the projected levels. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has proposed SRISTI ... // Read More

  • Mushroom Enzyme to Replace Detergents?

    Novozymes , a Danish biotechnology company is trying to fight climate change. Its secret weapon: mushrooms like those in a dormant forest outside Copenhagen, reports New York Times. Novozymes, which has its India operations in Bengaluru, is studying the enzymes ... // Read More

  • Wind Power Viability a Challenge – ICRA

    Even as the tariff competitiveness of wind energy has improved as against the conventional energy sources, its viability continues to be a challenge, says ICRA. According to the rating agency, while the government’s wind power bidding program provides visibility to ... // Read More

Latest books on Sustainability, Ecology, Climate Change, Energy, Policy …

  • The Business of Farm Animal Welfare

    Globally, nearly 70 billion animals are farmed annually for meat, milk and eggs. Two-thirds of these are farmed intensively. The views held by food companies on animal stewardship, and the management practices and processes that they adopt are, therefore, of ... // Read More

  • Adopting Sustainable Business Strategy Not Enough

    Frugal Value – Designing Business for a Crowded Planet, by Carina Millstone, Routledge, 2017, contests the notion that companies can rise to the great challenges of our time by adopting so-called ‘sustainable business’ practices. Instead, the acute ecological crisis requires ... // Read More

  • Conflicts of Interest: My Journey through India’s Green Movement

    India’s foremost environmentalist Sunita Narain gives a personal account of her battles as part of the country’s green movement. While outlining the enormous environmental challenges that India faces today. Narain talks about how corporate lobbies and political interests often scuttle ... // Read More

  • Revolutionary Violence Versus Democracy – Narratives from India

    This book focuses on the interface between democracy and violence, with specific reference to revolutionary strategies and mobilizations. It explores the armed conflict in India’s ‘Red Corridor’, where Maoists have been employing militant-revolutionary strategies to implement an alternative model of ... // Read More

  • Sense And Solidarity – Jholawala Economics for Everyone

    Jean Drèze has a rare and distinctive understanding of the Indian economy and its relationship with the social life of ordinary people. He has travelled widely in rural India and done fieldwork of a kind that few economists have attempted. ... // Read More



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